A Blogger’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a new Mum who had a beautiful 9 month old daughter. The days were long and lovely with her daughter but the Mum needed something for herself. After sitting down at her laptop for some time, she Googled “British Mummy Blogs” and found a plethora of inspiration. A few short clicks later and she was a member of a parent blogging community and the proud owner of a Blogger blog even though she had no clue what she was doing.

The early days of blogging in 2009 were entirely different to what they are today. The community was small and encouraging. Everyone was sharing tips and helping each other to learn the ropes. In addition to learning how to blog, the great wide world was beginning to take an interest in the “mummy blogging” market. PRs representing baby brands began reaching out to “mummy bloggers” to review products and share their opinion. I jumped on the band wagon. In one year alone I had the pleasure of reviewing approximately 30 pushchairs and various and sundry baby toys/gadgets/kit. It was empowering to receive products to review and to share my opinion with those interested in baby gear.

In addition to the regular blogging rota, I began to branch out into Freelance writing in other areas while continuing to establish a strong reputation in social media channels and within the parent blogging community. As more and more bloggers joined the community, it became more of a challenge to be unique; to keep my own voice and so a change was in order.

14DecemberIn November of 2011, we welcomed another precious child to our family. The subsequent months with two children and several catastrophic events in the blogging community shaped how I now blog. The trend of publishing sponsored posts and reviews was not something that I feel overly comfortable doing. There are special PRs and brands that I have established strong relationships with and for them, I will continue to support them. The primary focus on Cafe Bebe is sharing precious moments; preserving the early years for friends, family and my children. This is not to say that I will never do a review, publish a sponsored post or take up the opportunity of a press trip. What I will do is always remain strong in my belief that my family is of primary importance and this blog is a living record for them. I will also always disclose my relationship with any brands so that I don’t unwittingly influence you.

The Cafe Bebe family is made up of Karin (early 40′s), Mark (late 40′s), Ella (5) and Sam (1). You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ (click on my floating buttons on this blog). I am many things: Stay-at-Home-Mum, Work-at-Home-Mum, Wife, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Budding Children’s Picture Book author, Social Media Addict, Gluten-Free cook/baker and me. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me through the form below.

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