Rollercoaster Recovery

RecoveryThis week has been pretty dull and boring. It’s been about Recovery. My emotions, however, have been on a complete and utter rollercoaster. I have gone from the euphoria of coming home on Saturday, last weekend, to the utter depths of despair on Thursday evening and Friday most of the day.

My in-laws have been brilliant and have had Sam for us each day this week. This allowed Mark to go to work after doing the school run with Ella and dropping off Sam and allowed me to have a quiet house to myself to sleep and rest. Sleeping has been more than illusive however. As tired and worn out as I have been, I haven’t been able to get comfortable thanks to my incision and discomfort. I haven’t been in pain, per se, but I have been quite uncomfortable and ouchie (medical term). I am also a life-long side sleeper. Due to my incision and binding, it’s been impossible to lie any way but on my back, propped up at the shoulder/head and knees. The first few nights at home I slept in the glider/rocker in Sam’s room. Not my favourite way to sleep!

Recovery3My family, it has to be said, have been briliant in this first recovery week. Mark has taken on all of my household tasks (he did need to be asked to Hoover, mind you) and has actually enjoyed (so he says) cooking each evening with a bit of guidance from me. Ella has been grateful to have Mummy home and was desperate to pamper me and look after me. I had my nails painted one night and have had several notes and cards along the way. My daughter is a proper treasure…it warms my heart really. Sammy, who is a Daddy’s boy through and through, has been more than happy to say “Buh bye Mummy” every morning and has quite enjoyed staying at Nanny and Grandad’s for the week. I daresay, they have enjoyed his visits as well.

Recovery5On Thursday I received a happy review item, my Emma Bridgewater teapot which really brightened my day. I had a lovely visit from a friend from over the road which always helps to deflect boredom. I had another visit from a delightful friend and her daughter earlier in the week. It’s amazing how helpful it is to have someone to talk to, even if it’s just a good old chin-wag. Recovery can be very isolating. Everyone knows you should be resting/sleeping/taking it easy but actually just having someone pop around to chat is very good medicine indeed. I’ve missed having that contact I usually have. The school run, both ways, is always a nice diversion in our day and keeps me up on what’s going on in our little world. It’s amazing how grumpy I can get when I have no contact with people!

Recovery8It really is the little things, though, in recovery. On Friday, I asked Mark to have his parents bring Sam back to our house in time to collect Ella from school. This way, Mark didn’t have to leave work at 3pm and I could have my children back in our house under MY care. When my in-laws left at 4pm, it was the first time in over a week that I was alone with both children and it was a lovely feeling. We were watching a DVD, Sam was alternating between playing at his Lego Duplo table, playing with his sister and watching the DVD. I was able to lay on the couch and enjoy their presence. It was very helpful to my recovery. All week I have been wobbly. The most basic of exercises (washing, getting dressed, sitting for too long) have taken a lot out of me. It seems a bit ridiculous, yet not. I’ve had major surgery. A LOT of work went on under the surface. Although the exterior evidence is moderate and thankfully, fading, the interior reconstruction has been massive. Think full on gutting a building and restructuring for the long-term. I’ve found that I am not very good at just sitting (or laying) around. I get bored. When I get bored, I get frustrated and grumpy. No one likes a grumpy Karin, least of all me.

Recovery7Somehow, however, a wee miracle happened on Friday evening. I repositioned my binder around my middle and suddenly the compression and tightness that I had been feeling all week lessened. I was more comfortable, yet still properly supported. And Friday night, when I went to bed, I was able to lay on my side! I was able to get comfortable straight-away. Within 5 minutes, I was asleep. I woke a few times in the night but Saturday morning, when Ella appeared at Slightly Ridiculous o’clock (6:10am) at my bedside, I felt GOOD! Refreshed, not so uncomfortable. I was a bit stiff and still sore but not in the wrong places. It was the first time that I woke up thinking, “Alright then, today is going to be good!”

So to say that my week has been a bit of a rollercoaster of recovery would be putting it mildly. Next week will hold more tests as by Tuesday I am hoping to have Sam back with me full time. We’ll see if our plan goes properly. And in the meantime, thank  you to all of my lovely friends and family who have helped out, taken the time to visit, message and check on me. It is most definitely appreciated. Onward and upwards now!

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  • 11/01/2014 at 4:25 pm

    Glad that you have had support from everyone and managed to rest even though you were so bored. It will get better from now on xxx

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