Emma Bridgewater Teapot Heaven

Jan 16th

Recovery5Being “Johnny Foreigner” I have gradually learned the art of a proper cuppa and have embraced the tea way of life. I prefer my tea black, with a splash of milk and 2 teaspoons of sugar. I suppose that’s a cup of “Builder’s Tea”? I do prefer my tea made PROPERLY in a teapot, however, and I have been seriously lacking in the glamourous teapot category for some time now. Well, that is, until last week when this glorious Emma Bridgewater teapot arrived for review.

In addition to learning the art of tea, I have developed an unhealthy fixation on Emma Bridgewater pottery. It’s all so beautiful and girly and well, so very ENGLISH! I few years ago I was invited to a blogger event at the Emma Bridgewater pottery factory. In the end, I was unable to attend, I believe because Ella was unwell. I have always been sad about missing that event and any time I visit a shop that sells Emma Bridgewater pottery, I gaze wistfully and dream of a kitchen filled with Emma Bridgewater. Sad, eh?

EmmaB3My main problem is deciding which Emma Bridgewater pattern I love the most! The polka dot teapot I received for review is pretty perfect for us as it’s not overly girly but is fun at the same time. And let me tell you, for those of you in search of the “perfect pour”, this Emma Bridgewater teapot pours like a dream. A dream, I tell you. Yes, I know, I need to get out more. My only challenge with my new Emma Bridgewater teapot is that it is a 4-cup teapot so ideally I need to have a friend or two over to take full advantage of its brewing abilities. I also need to have a bigger tea cosy as our current teapot is only a 2-cup teapot which requires a far smaller tea cosy.

I would highly recommend investigating the Emma Bridgewater site to search for your favourite pattern and range of products. You can even order personalised pottery which would be perfect for a gift or wedding present. I fear that I am now on a slippery slope of collecting, however. One teapot will definitely not be enough for me to quench the thirst for Emma Bridgewater pottery.

I loved delving into the history of Emma Bridgewater (yes, she is a real person, alive and everything) so here are a few interesting facts, pinched from the Emma Bridgewater website.

Did you know:

That we’re British to the core, and proud of it?
Our pottery is made from warm, cream-coloured earthenware (which is a quintessential Staffordshire product); it’s hand-decorated in our factory in Stoke-on-Trent and we’re the sixth largest employer of potters in the area. We’re fully committed to making our wares in Stoke (the traditional home of British pottery manufacture since the 17th century); in fact it’s something of a mission of ours to put Stoke firmly back on the map.

That we are a family company?
Emma set up the business in 1985, with her husband Matthew (Rice) joining a couple of years later. To this day Emma Bridgewater Ltd is still owned and run by Emma and Matthew with them both contributing designs (Emma is responsible for the majority of the spongeware patterns such as Polka Dot, Starry Skies, Hellebore and Sampler, whilst, for example, Black Toast, Birds and Dogs all feature Matthew’s artwork).

That we design with a personal touch?
Our patterns reflect the genuine passions of their designers: Emma’s love for traditional spongeware and her delight in old-fashioned needlework combine perfectly in our Sampler range, Matthew’s love for birds is well documented (and perfectly encapsulated in our Bird range). Similarly, it was Sweet Peas growing in Emma and Matthew’s own garden that inspired that eponymous design. And so it goes on: throughout the range our designs reflect genuine passions and, dare we say it, feel that little bit more authentic, and homely, as a result.

The early family life which inspired the Emma Bridgewater business took place round the kitchen table, and that is still the focus of Emma and Matthew’s life with their four children today.

Do you have an Emma Bridgewater collection? Which is your favourite pattern? Do you drink tea from a teapot? Well, get cracking my readers! Emma Bridgewater is waiting for you. And as it’s nearly Elevenses for me, I’m going to make myself a brew. Enjoy yours as well!

Disclosure: I received this Emma Bridgewater teapot for the purposes of review. Rest assured I have not been compensated in any other way to share my love of Emma Bridgewater pottery.

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