And so that was Christmas

We’ve been through Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve since I last posted. I’ve been enjoying having Mark home with us, family time, playing with toys, getting used to our guinea pigs and having mini-lie-ins thanks to the children going to bed later each evening. We’ve also worked our way through the following DVD’s: The Incredibles (4x), Ice Age 1, 2, & 3 (2x), Toy Story 3, Despicable Me 2 (2x). Miraculously, we finally saw Love Actually the other night on the telly so now my Christmas is complete!

Christmas2013I was greeted, on Christmas Day, at 4:00am by Ella who appeared at my side of the bed. I was not prepared to start opening presents at 4am so I escorted Ella back to bed and laid down with her. We fell back to sleep until 6:15 which was a much more civilised time for holiday celebration. As is our tradition, Ella and Sam dived into their stuffed stockings on our bed to reveal little “Santa” presents while we “oohed and ahhhed”. Having forgotten our other tradition of the past 3 years of using wrapping paper to close the door to the lounge (Damn my memory), we just barged into the lounge to see the mountain of presents that Santa had delivered. The guinea pigs watched cautiously from the sidelines.

Christmas2This was the first year that Sammy actually understood what presents are and how much fun it is to get them! Ella was more than willing to assist with any and all presents including mine! Bless. Unfortunately, due to finances, Mark and I didn’t have much of anything under the tree for each other. One day, perhaps, we’ll be able to treat ourselves. Until then, we’ll revel in what the children get! The RC Car of Sam’s was quite entertaining for Mark and the Kurio 4S we got for Ella has occupied a fair bit of my time getting it ready. At least we had a few things to play with!

Christmas3Ella and Sam were equally thrilled with their Jessie and Woody dolls from Toy Story. If we could only figure out a way to keep their damn hats on! We were a bit disappointed to discover that “There’s a snake in my boot!” was not one of Woody’s key phrases. C’est la vie!

We enjoyed a lovely morning opening presents and forgetting to feed our children. After preparing the guinea pigs for the day and getting dressed up in our casual finery, we popped down the road to Mark’s parents house for a 2nd celebration with Nanny & Grandad and Mark’s brother and sister-in-law and niece. We finally ate, unwrapped more pressies and began Christmas dinner preparations. As it was just Mark’s parents and us for Christmas dinner, the preparation was simple, pleasant and stress-free. In fact, although the celebrations were somewhat simple and small, it was a very happy day which was just what we needed.

Christmas5I provided a bit of gluten free magnificence with my Caramelised Clementine and Pomegranate Pavlova which was scrummy if a bit non-traditional. I like non-traditional though! Those damn pomegranate seeds are a right pain in the arse to get out however. I may not be so frugal next time by buying a whole pomegranate.

Christmas Day 2013 was a lovely one for the Joyce family. We were able to FaceTime with both my mom and Dad and stepmom, we Skyped with our Aussie-based family and enjoyed happy times with Mark’s side of the family…what more could you want?? And of course, Ella and Sam had a brilliant day filled with presents, giggles and love. How was your Christmas??


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