Guinea Pigs for Christmas

Ella has been writing various Christmas lists for a while now. Some of the requests have changed over the months but one thing has remained the same. At the top of Ella’s list for Father Christmas, every time, is A GUINEA PIG! What what what??? I have no idea where this request has come from! We have never talked about guinea pigs but somehow, whoop, there it was. I blame her classmates!

Mark and I didn’t take it too seriously initially but when Ella wrote a list to Santa at school, the ONLY thing on her list was A GUINEA PIG! And when I told her that guinea pigs are happiest in pairs (same sex, mind you), Ella immediately grabbed another piece of paper and changed her request from “A Guinea Pig, REAL” to “2 Guinea Pigs, Real”. I love that she felt it imperative to write down REAL!

After doing some research, polling friends on Facebook and having a good old think about it, Mark and I realised that the bottom line was that Ella deserved to have “2 Guinea Pigs, REAL”. Ella is a wonderful big sister, is extremely helpful to both Mark and I, is a treasure and has had a wonderful start to her 2nd year in Primary School. I know that the lion-share of the work will fall on my shoulders and I’m ok with that. Some people may think that we are just indulging her, but I don’t see it that way. We were considering what to do with this decision when a sign came along to make it happen.

Guinea Pig3A week ago, a friend on Facebook, who knew that I had enquired about guinea pigs, shared another friend’s status. Her friend was enquiring for another friend who was hoping to re-home two male guinea pigs. After a series of messages both public and private on Facebook, we agreed to re-home these lovely guinea pigs. The wheels were in motion now! I crafted a letter from Santa to Ella to explain that he was making two guinea pigs available to her because of all of her good deeds and helpful big sister-ness. Santa couldn’t bring the guinea pigs on Christmas Eve so we were going to collect them early…on December 22nd! I wish I had videoed Ella’s reaction to the letter…simply priceless.

We drove to the owner’s home on Sunday, had a lovely chat about Einstein and Bailey and loaded the boys and all of their accoutrements in our vehicle and brought the boys home. The guinea pigs are really lovely and are settling in well. Ella in particular, is smitten. Sam is intrigued but not overly fussed about them, which is probably a good thing. We’ve cleared a decent space in our lounge and have made a lovely little home for Einstein and Bailey. I am learning as much as I can about caring for guinea pigs and am even looking up DIY guinea pig cages on Pinterest to try to create a wonderful, stimulating environment for our boys. While still a bit skittish, both guinea pigs are getting used to us and their new routine. We’ll enjoy sharing Christmas and the coming year with them. For now, there are absolutely no regrets and an awful lot of learning going on. For us, guinea pigs for Christmas were the perfect present for our very best girl.

Guinea Pig2

Guinea Pig4



Look at those faces! Who could refuse, right??


Guinea Pig1

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  • 24/12/2013 at 8:22 am

    Wow what a great use of social media to achieve such a special present! Have a great one!

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