Our Week That Was- September 2-8, 2013

After the BEST SUMMER EVER, last week was going to be a bit of a come down. I was a little bit anxious about Ella heading back to school but she did very well despite the conditions being a bit convoluted in her class. She’s a trouper, she is and as long as I charge Ella with some sort of job to do (be a helper to the cover teacher, be a good friend and help out those who are nervous) she’s fine. And a random cuddle from her preschool keyworker is always most appreciated!

Sam and I settled into our normal routine of filling the hours between 9:15 and 3:15. I’ve been so pleased to see Sam loving the school run (on his Micro-Mini Scooter), settling into our routine and enjoying our one-on-one time together. We’ve ventured out to a local play place which is a first for Sam and me and was great fun.

I managed to get a bit of ME time on Friday night as I ventured down to our local village pub to meet up with Mums from Ella’s class. We had a great time, consumed a bit of alcohol and set the world to right. Amazing what a bit of time off does for your mood! Oh, and did I mention that, along with my fellow Royal Caribbean #royalmums, we appeared in The Times Saturday supplement in a picture and quote about our experiences on a Royal Caribbean cruise?? Yes, I’m famous and all that…you can say you knew me when!

How was your week last week? Did your first step back into the new school year go well? Tell me your best bits!


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