The Name Game

Jun 29th

When my Mom had me 42 years ago 21 years ago, they decided to name me Karen. But my Dad thought that was a rather grown-up sounding name for a wee baby so somehow he came up with the spelling of Karin so that I could be Kari until I wanted to be a grown-up Karin. I was Kari until I was at least 5 or so. No one calls me Kari anymore…well, my Dad still does sometimes but that’s a Dad’s prerogative.

The other day, I was browsing Facebook, as you do, and I came across an annoucement from Mia Tui Handbags. Their newest handbag, launching in July, is being called the Matilda Mae after Jennie’s precious star, Matilda. I have one Mia Tui bag, the Amelie, which was my hospital bag with Sam and was my Royal Caribbean carry-on earlier this year. I do love a good bag! So why did I begin this post talking about myself and my name? Well, Jennie has challenged her readers to talk about names and enter her Linky to win one of the upcoming Matilda Mae bags from Mia Tui. I don’t really care if I win (I never win comps) but I love the idea of how names come about. I started writing this post in my head the other night!


My precious Ella…here’s a flashback photo to 2011 when Ella turned 3. When I was pregnant with Ella I had a pretty good feeling that she was a girl. I started a list of names for both girls and boys, however, just in case. My girl list was longer than the boy list but we still had two lists. We knew that we couldn’t name our baby until we SAW our baby. Both Mark and I felt very strongly that we would know what our baby should be called when we saw him or her.

When I arrived in recovery, about 40 minutes after Ella thanks to complications in theatre during our c-section, I gazed at our teeny baby daughter, swaddled and wide eyed, looking at the world around her. I said, “Lucy??” and looked at her. I said, “Ella??” and looked at her. She was most definitely an Ella. And so she became!


In 2011, along came another pregnancy, again we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. I had general inkings that the baby was a boy (or even twins for a little while!) but again, the lists were created. I had been reading a lovely book to Ella which she adored. It was about a sweet little bear called Sam. His Mummy was trying to get him to go to sleep with little success. “Kiss Goodnight Sam” was on regular rota and the name began to grow on me. Sam inched its way to the top of the list on the boy side.

When Sam was lifted from me and after I asked what he was (“A boy!”), I immediately said, “Sam”. And so he was. We gave him a slightly more formal name for his birth certificate (Samuel) but he is Sam or Sammy to us.

Children’s names are so important and there always seem to be great stories behind them. I have no great story other than my children’s names really suit them, in my humble opinion. I have no idea what Ella or Sam mean (feel free to tell me), nor do I really care, but they are the most precious names in the world to me.

Tell me your story…where did you get your name??


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