Frolicking in the garden


We have a lovely but postage stamp-sized garden chez Cafe Bebe. In it there are trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, a teeny weeny pond and a plethora of children’s play things. My in-law’s garden is another wonder entirely. Our postage stamp-sized garden has garden envy over my in-law’s garden.


Today we spent the majority of the day basking in the glow of my in-law’s garden. They are so lucky to have the space they have. Acres of it. A green house, a garden patch, an inground pool, fruit trees, willow trees, a babbling brook. My in-laws also have a gorgeous conservatory from where they can view all the beauty in their garden. There are rose bushes so laden with blossoms that they are falling over from the weight. It’s glorious, their garden. Not landscaped particularly, just beautiful the way it has developed. And the kids love it.


Today, while Ella and Sam were frolicking in the garden, I managed to snap a few of the prettiest blooms I could find. I wish I had this beauty in my back garden!


I sat in the conservatory, listening to the wind and the laughter of Ella and Sam as they played hide and seek amongst the flowering shrubs and vowed that one day, something like this would be ours. Someday…


3 thoughts on “Frolicking in the garden

  1. What a stunning playground for the children to explore and have fun in! The pictures are lovely, as are their happy faces at being out and having a great time. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Well I just want a postage stamp! That is such a lovely space and what gorgeous pictures of them frolicking! I have serious garden envy.

  3. That looks like a brilliant place for kiddies to explore :) popping over from #countrykids x

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