The One where I nearly punch the dinner lady

Mar 14th

Today I was feeling good. My morning went well, the kitchen was clean, the lounge was tidy and Sam had brightened considerably despite his very unsettled sleep the night before. I dropped Sam off at my inlaws just after Noon and arrived back home to have lunch and go to Ella’s school to volunteer.

I was wearing a jeans skirt and leggings, my favourite boots and a “blousey” top & jacket. Standing in the hall at Ella’s school, I was welcoming the children in from their play time and noticed the slightly scary dinner lady coming down the hallway. What happened next nearly resulted in me punching the dinner lady.

As the dinner lady approached I said, “Hello Mrs Baker”. Mrs Baker then walked right up to me, placed her hand on my protruding but not-pregnant belly and then asked “Now, when is this one due?” Horrified and glancing down at her hand still resting on my belly, I said “No Mrs Baker. I’m not pregnant, it’s just fat!” Mrs Baker looked at me, as if I was lying, and said “No! I was sure you were expecting another one!” and only then removed her hand. “No Mrs Baker, not expecting another one” I stammered and then stared into the distance wondering if I could disappear into the floor.

Seriously, the next person who asks me when the baby is due is going to get walloped upside their head. Sigh…


Gloria isn't pregnant either!

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