Project 365- 3-9 February

Feb 9th

This week started with grief and heartache in our blogging community, included an aeroplane trip and the best steak ever and ended where it should; at home, together as a family. I’ve also managed to take (well more than) 40 Project 365 pictures and have not missed a day. Huzzah!


Sunday 3 February: Our blogging community was rocked to its core after learning of the cot death of the 9 month old daughter of one of our loveliest bloggers. We’re all still reeling and trying to make sense of it all. One thing is for sure, many a tear has been shed and many more cuddles were had as a result of this tragedy. As a family we spent time together on a walk around Burghley House and Stamford and were grateful for each other.

Monday 4 February: I found it difficult to do much else other than love my kids and spend time with them. I read Sam’s favourite books approximately 800 times and enjoyed every time. Ella amazed me with her reading and extra cuddles were had at bedtime.

Tuesday 5 February: I’ve been saying that Sam has needed a haircut for about 3 months now. Finally I did something about it. We both got much needed haircuts, Sam and I, and now I have a Big Boy most definitely. Where did my baby go?

Wednesday 6 February: As much as I didn’t want to leave, I tore myself away from the family and boarded a plane for Germany, as you do. I joined 3 other bloggers, 2 journalists and Pampers PR’s and employees at the P&G Pampers Research & Development Facility in Schwalbach, Germany. I enjoyed the BEST STEAK EVER at the Radisson BLU hotel and may have had a glass or three of wine.

Thursday 7 February:Our day was spent learning loads of wonderful information about Pampers and its latest nappy innovation. I have decided that if I get asked to compete on Mastermind, Pampers nappies and their History will be my specialist subject. We flew home to the UK without incident and I was grateful to be back where I belong.

Friday 8 February: I spent Friday making up for missed cuddles and stories and did manage to put the house back in moderate order. Ella finished her last day of school and is now on Half-Term again. How the heck did that creep up on us again?

Saturday 9 February: Another Saturday morning was spent at Ella’s gymnastics lesson but this time I had Sam to entertain for 2 hours. Urgh, not easy. We learned that Ella is definitely ready for their Developmental Squad but that the move will involve 5 hours of gymnastics a week. We are now in discussions with Daddy to see if we want to make this step. Yikes!

I hope your week was filled with love and happiness. Remember to hold your children close and say “I love you” as much as possible. You can never say it too often.

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