Project 365- 27 January-2 February

Feb 2nd

The thing I love about participating in Project 365 is that it’s made me stop and look carefully at our life and our family and really appreciate what we have. I’m doing my best to be PRESENT for my children and my husband, not sweat the small stuff and have more fun. It’s very liberating, you know?? So here is our week which now puts us into February and I have yet to miss a day. Nice!!


Sunday 27 January: Sunday was play time and chill time. I have to be honest and tell you that I really don’t remember what the hell we did! Obviously it wasn’t terribly inspiring was it. I seem to recall spending the afternoon on my own though…that’s different!

Monday 28 January: Monday was back to the normal routine but I also received and began my challenge of doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge. Sam was not amused when I started the workout in the lounge and decided to throw a temper tantrum. I finished Day 1 holding a then-sleeping Sam! We played after school with our good friends who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of an over-due Baby #3.

Tuesday 29 January: I managed to extricate myself from bed and limp downstairs despite very ouchie muscles. Sam continued his new phase of learning and demanding Mummy’s attention by repeatedly bringing me several books and forcing me to read them over and over again. I love it, really!

Wednesday 30 January: Wednesday was a day for me! Sam spent the morning with the in-laws and I went to a very productive meeting which has left me quite hopeful. We attended Ella’s weekly swimming lesson where I practise using deep breathing because the whole process stresses me out. Ella is loving her lessons and has improved loads which is lovely to watch.

Thursday 31 January: Sam and I spent our morning visiting one friend and her 2 week old baby and celebrating the safe arrival of our best friend’s lovely new Jelly Bean (not his real name!!). Sam then enjoyed the afternoon with Nanny and Grandad while I volunteered in Ella’s school. I always seem to get the painting station when I volunteer…what’s up with that?? We were also happy to have some FaceTime with my Mom (Grandma) who updated us all on the goings-on across the pond.

Friday 1 February: January is left behind and February brings much excitement and opportunity which I will share next week. Ella finished a busy week at school and we celebrated with pizza for dinner. Sam has started needing me much less at bed time. I’m realising that rocking him to sleep is coming to an end. What a big boy we’re suddenly growing!

Saturday 2 February: Saturday started slightly earlier than usual for Sam which was a bit unfortunate for Mark and me. I did manage to sneak back to sleep for a short while thanks to Mark. Ella joined me for Day 6 of the 30 Day Shred and while I’m hurting and find several exercises annoyingly challenging, I’m really energised by my 6 days of exercising. I can’t wait to see if it’s making a difference when I weigh and measure on Monday. We ended our day with Ella’s two hour gymnastics lesson and some outstanding quality time holding our best friend’s gorgeous boy. Almost makes me want a third…almost!

How was your week? Is February looking like a good month for you too?

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