Honouring Matilda Mae

Dear Jennie, David, Esther and William,

I wanted to send you a message of love for all of you and your precious Matilda Mae. Our plethora of Innocent magnets gave me the inspiration and I hope you enjoy the tribute.

Last weekend when I read of your tragic news I was rocked to the core. I thought, “How could this be?” Then as the reality sank in I was filled with sadness and spent the afternoon holding my family far more than they needed. I took much longer putting Sam to bed through the week and put all work aside to focus on my family. One thing our community has learned, since the death of Kerry (Multiple Mummyhttp://www.multiplemummy.com) is that life is way too short and we need to grab every second.

Matilda Mae was such an amazing girl. Her smile was captivating and her long lashes were simply gorgeous. The love for Matilda was so evident in everything you shared with us Jennie, which is why are hearts are breaking for you. It’s so unfair. It’s hard to understand and we’re all grieving with you.

I remember seeing you at BritMums Live last summer Jennie. Matilda Mae was so young at that time but was securely attached to you in your carrier. I’m not sure if you remember Jennie, but I worried about you. I wanted to make sure you felt welcome and knew where you could find some peace and quiet if you needed to feed Matilda. You looked nervous but every time you looked at Matilda you calmed. She was your centre, your peace, your heart. It was beautiful to see.

Please know that we are here for you whenever you need. We are all reading and crying with you. Thank you for sharing your love and your grief with us. I hope it brings a bit of peace to your broken heart to know that all of us are behind you every step of the way. Matilda Mae was a shining star that burned brightly. Her life was nowhere near long enough but I feel blessed to have met her, watched her grow and witnessed the love that you all have for her.

Love, Karin

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