Project 365, January 1-5

Jan 5th

Since I have become rather fond of documenting virtually every moment of our lives on camera (and on this blog), I thought I would participate in the bloggily popular Project 365. Here are the first 5 days of this year in pictures:

Main photo- Ella thoroughly enjoying our mega-route march through muddy & sunshiny woods with our family.
Left 1- My American flag Shambala bracelet, a Christmas pressie.
2- Ella’s fantastic new leotard, a gift from her Auntie Julie.
3- Sam enjoying the dishwasher, as you do!
4- My beautiful children having loads of fun this morning.


The start of 2013 has been quite wonderful really. We’ve had a great week doing nothing too stressful, have enjoyed lots of laughs and precious moments and personally, I have felt happier than I have in a long time. Long may it continue! How has your 2013 been so far?

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