Project 365, 6-12 January

Jan 12th

This week has been a rather good one. Nothing Earth shaking happened but settling back into our “normal” routine is always comforting.
Sunday 6 January: We kept up with our pledge to walk in the woods as a family by starting off with new footwear for Ella and Me and a somewhat tearful walk (Ella) in Bourne Woods near our village. I’m going to have to come up with some incentive to keep Ella moving though or Mark won’t want to walk any longer!
Monday 7 January: Our final day off of school was filled with a lazy day and 3 DVDs including Peter Pan, A Bug’s Life and Cinderella. I finally realised what feeling wistful about the end of the holiday is like. We had such a nice two weeks at home!
Tuesday 8 January: Ella skipped happily back to school while Sam and I settled into our usual routine. I managed to clear my desk and come to some surprising blogging revelations. Ella also started back to gymnastics and was thrilled to do so in her lovely new purple velvet leotard.
Wednesday 9 January: A day of slow cooking, swimming lessons and restless sleeping ensued. Enough said.
Thursday 10 January: Thursday was a busy day which involved visiting a lovely 2 day-overdue Mama-to-Be friend who gave me the best pep talk as well as stepping back into Ella’s classroom to volunteer again.
Friday 11 January: The end of a long and mildly exhausting week saw us having a lovely after-school visit from our great friends who are also expecting in the next 2 weeks (broody much me?). I made some rather fab chocolate chip cookies (if I do say so myself) and some finger-licking good Cottage Pie. Just call me Delia.
Saturday 12 January: This Saturday, thanks to a major meltdown from Ella the night before as a result of over-tiredness, we skipped the new session of ballet in favour of a quiet morning at home. We love having Ella try new activities but some days you just need to chill.

How was your week? This coming week I’ll be heading to London Town one afternoon for a rather exciting blogger event which will hopefully bring good things. I’m mostly looking forward to 5 hours on MY OWN! What brilliant things are you hoping for next week?


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