Project 365- 20-26 January

Jan 27th

January is turning out to be a pretty decent month, you know? I feel like I’m finally turning a bit of a corner with my PND and am becoming the Me I want to be. The kids are learning and doing and are a joy to us every day. Financially things could be a lot better but at the moment, things are feeling pretty good. Fingers crossed, the rest of 2013 remains the same.


Sunday 20 January: Thanks to the snow and cold, our Sunday Family Walk didn’t happen. Our morning was filled with LegoDuplo and family time at home. Then we spent the afternoon at my in-laws, welcoming my sister-in-law and her family back from their ski holiday in France. We rounded off the night with a gigantic take-away curry and left with full bellies hoping for more snow overnight.

Monday 21 January: We got our wish on Monday morning…snow, snow and more snow. Enough snow to cancel my flight to Germany and enough snow to close Ella’s school for the first time. We sent Daddy off to work, enjoyed a leisurely morning in our pj’s and met half of Mark’s family for a fish & chips farewell before they headed back to Australia. In the afternoon I summoned my inner Super Mummy, dressed both kids in their waterproofs, loaded them onto a sled and towed them down to our local park. I dragged them up and down a small sledding hill at the park about 10 times which resulted in loads of smiles and giggles. Much fun was had by all!

Tuesday 22 January: Life returned to normal with Ella going back to school and our daily routine back in place. Negotiating the roads, even with 20+ years of serious winter weather driving under my belt, was challenging to say the least. It might help if someone cleared the snow from the roads but who am I to say?! I did manage to see a good friend’s week old newborn baby which was simply delightful.

Wednesday 23 January: On Wednesday I felt like I finally had my sweet little boy back. After illnesses and changes to our schedules Sam has been a bit off of his game but my cute, giggly, precocious little man was back in action. I fired up Felicity the Slow Cooker to make a Salsa Rice & Chicken and Chicken Marinara and had the in-laws over for dinner following Ella’s swimming lessons. Just call me Super Mum!

Thursday 24 January: Thursday was filled with frustration over hospital admin incompetence, exhaustion over Ella’s over-active imagination (witches anyone?) and another exciting afternoon volunteering at Ella’s school. I would really love to have just one night of restful sleep…maybe in 18 years or so?

Friday 25 January: Even though I don’t work in an office, I still love Fridays. I managed to squeeze in a nap while Sam was napping and decided that Friday night called for pizza. Mark picked up a takeaway pizza for him and the kids and I whipped up a GF homemade pizza for myself. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life, right?

Saturday 26 January: A slow start to Saturday helped ease the bags under my eyes from another restless night from both kids. I accompanied Ella to another gymnastics team practice while Mark and Sam had some quality bonding time that involved Toys R Us and bicycles and cars. We ended a lovely week by celebrating Grandad’s 75th birthday at The George hotel in Stamford.

We’re looking forward to a bit of a duvet day tomorrow and another positive week next week. How about you? What was your best bit from this week?

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