What’s in my Slow Cooker today?

Dec 10th
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A few weeks ago I was sent a Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker for review and it’s been the best thing to enter our house in a very long time. Well, that and my Samsung Note smartphone which used to be the best thing until I dropped it in the bath rescuing my son and now the only thing on it that doesn’t work is the Wi-Fi/Blutooth and Connectivity of the phone thus rendering it mostly useless to me. Oh and did I mention that I was stupid enough to NOT take out insurance on the phone to save some money? Yes, that means that in order to replace my handset I will have to pay, out of my pocket, £498. Guess who won’t be having a smartphone any time soon. But I digress, my Slow Cooker…

Yes, my Slow Cooker. I call her Felicity. Felicity has made me a new woman. Felicity has made me a whizz in the kitchen. I love Felicity. Almost as much as I love Simon Baker and chocolate and of course, my husband and children as well. Almost. So, as I have all of this new-found love and passion for cooking the SLOW COOKER way, I thought I would share a bit of it with my readers. I’m going to bring you regular installments of “What’s in my Slow Cooker today?” I’ll walk you through the recipe inspiration, prep, cooking and show you the final product. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same? Maybe it will just be fun to watch? Maybe I’ll find a new career?! Whatever, just enjoy and here’s an explanation in video before the fun begins. What’s in your Slow Cooker today?

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