UGG Slippers: Clouds of heaven for my feet

Dec 29th
2012-12-19 15.37.52

Sometimes the world of blogging and social media is a weird and wonderful place. Sometimes you can really use a special treat. All of those things came together for me last week when a very special package arrived from UGG. For ME! For ME alone!

Look at the glorious clouds of heaven for my feet, also known as UGG slippers. Who knew UGG made slippers?! Not me! Nor would I ever have bought myself a pair of UGG anything prior to this. I have relatives who live in Australia and who adore UGG. I’ve seen Hollywood celebrities slogging around in their UGGs in the middle of the Summer and wondered why. I’ve watched chavvy “youf” slouching around the High Street in their UGG knock-offs. Never have I felt the compulsion to do the same.

So when I read a rather lovely post about UGG slippers, written by the delightful Jayne Crammond, I felt compelled to comment as her lovely slippers were simply calling out to me. You know what happened next? The fantabulous PR for UGG Australia contacted me to offer my feet some clouds of heaven in the shape of UGG Slippers as well. I chose the gorgeous Women’s Ansley in Cactus Flower (as you do) and then these beauties turned up on my door step a few days later!

See, I can even parent effectively while wearing my UGG Slippers! What a versatile item to wear! Seriously, I really adore these slippers. In fact, I am loathe to leave the house as I can’t wear them out and about. Well, I could but people would look at me a bit funny I imagine! What I can’t believe is how comfortable my feet are! I have hot feet. I imagined that I would be able to wear these slippers for 30 seconds and my feet would burst into flames. Oh ho, not so, fair readers! I don’t know what magic is in sheepskin but my hot little feet are no hotter in these snuggly slippers than in anything else I wear. That must be why Hollywood starlets can run around in the warmth of a California Summer with their UGG boots firmly strapped on! Who knew?!

Now, £80 is a pretty exceptional price to pay for a pair of slippers but these slippers will be with me for more than one season, I know. No more £5 pair of slippers for my hot feet. I’m sticking with my UGG slippers! What about you??


**Disclosure: I received this pair of UGG slippers as a Christmas present from the lovely PR who represents UGG Australia in the UK. My adoration for my UGG Slippers is not influenced in any way by this generous gift.**

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