I’m dreaming of a bleak Christmas

Dec 2nd

Well, the greatest plans of mice and men often go awry don’t they? Mark and I are not the type of people who shop for Christmas throughout the year and have everything organised by the beginning of December. We are the type of people who shop for Christmas the week OF Christmas and manage to squeak everything in sometime after midnight before Christmas. Most of the time we’re wrapping what presents we manage to afford sometime around 1am Christmas morning. It’s just how we are.

This year, thanks in part to my lack of income the last 2 months, we’re struggling. Christmas is pretty much off. The Christmas tree may not even make an appearance in our home this year. I am sad. The “Happy Vlogvent” I had been planning on this blog is off. I may be taking up residence under the duvet until 1 January. Have you seen “National Lampoon’s A Christmas Vacation”? Well, we may not have the Winnebago but we are “Eddie” and family. Roll on 2013…it’s got to be better than this year…right?


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