Slow Cooker Revelation

Nov 20th

I’ve come over all evangelical. I’ve seen the light. And the light comes from the “on” switch from my new Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker…all hail the mighty Slow Cooker! **oommm** Now, I am a Morphy Richards “Innovator” so I have the luxury of receiving the fantabulous Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker for review (and to keep for ever and ever) but you too, fair readers, can also take advantage of my new obsession by enjoying a 30% discount. All you need to do is enter SC62BLOG at to get 30% off  of the Partitioned Slow Cooker – Model 48762. Then we can become obsessed together!

Shall I tell you why I love this slow cooker? I shall. It’s made me want to cook again. It’s made me want to cook because using a slow cooker doesn’t involve slaving away and hours of labour. Using a slow cooker involves 20-30 minutes of prep time and hours and hours of it cooking away on its own while you get on with the rest of your life. Et voila! Dinner is served! One of the lovely things about the Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker is that you can cook not ONE but TWO dishes at the same time! What? TWO DISHES? At the same time? Yes! Two dishes! At the same time! Clever, clever Morphy Richards Parition Slow Cooker! She’s so clever that I have named her Felicity. You can name yours too…just not Felicity. She’s mine.

Felicity and I spent last weekend getting to know eachother. Felicity helped me to make Chicken & Mushroom Casserole, Minestrone and Chilli & Jacket Potatoes (at the same time). Yesterday Felicity whipped up a scrummy Bolognese sauce and as I type, Felicity is cooking away some Honey Garlic Chicken. Oh Felicity, I do love you. I do believe slow cooking has saved me. I’ve been struggling with Blue Days lately. The weather certainly doesn’t help but one of the down sides is that I have had little motivation for getting in the kitchen to cook lovely meals. I’d become lazy. But I can effectively stay a bit lazy and let Felicity take over and cook lovely meals while I take all of the credit. I do put the prep in at least.

I’ll be sharing the recipes with you, most of which have come from the handy dandy recipe book that came with my Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker Felicity. I have also stumbled upon the delight which is Stephanie O’Dea who blogs at A Year of Slow Cooking. Stephanie actually cooked EVERY DAY in her slow cooker (or crock pot for you Americans…oh yeah, I’m one of those too…sometimes I forget!). She has some amazing recipes. Today’s Honey Garlic Chicken which Felicity is now cooking is one. I can’t wait to try it out!

As far as the Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker, it is genius. It is a 4.2L slow cooker which has 2 equal partitions of 2.1L. This means that you can either cook one dish, divided equally in the partitions or you can cook a main and a side. The recipe book included with your Morpny Richards Slow Cooker will give you about 4 recipes to cook 2 dishes. I tried the Chilli Con Carne & Jacket Potatoes which turned out magnificently.

After using the Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker for 4 meals now (Felicity is working on the 5th), I can report that the cleanup is a breeze and while the slow cooker is pretty large, I can pop it up on the top of my refrigerator when not in use so it doesn’t take over the work surface. The housing of the Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker does get very hot so be aware as you brush by it…it will be HOT! I have been assured by several slow cooker afficionados that the energy produced by using your slow cooker is approximately equivalent to the energy used by a low watt light bulb. Much more efficient than having the oven blasting away.

So, if you’re dithering about what you’d like for Christmas, I’d go for the Morphy Richards Partition Slow Cooker on the top of your list…you’ll thank me for it next year when you’re enjoying more “me” time while your slow cooker makes dinner. Remember to take advantage of the special discount of 30% off by using the SC62BLOG code at the checkout. Merry Christmas!! I’ll be back soon with more recipe inspiration.


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