An Autumn Day in England

We had an amazingly lovely day 2 weeks ago at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. It was a gorgeous Autumn day in our corner of England and I thought I would highlight the beauty with a short video filmed on our Panasonic HC-V500 HD Video Recorder. I managed to avoid capturing the crash Ella had toward the end of our walk but I did save her from a horrible tumble. Phew. It’s hard to be a film-maker and Mum!

I hope you enjoy our video and I thank Panasonic for providing us with the camera with which to record it!

2 thoughts on “An Autumn Day in England

  1. Oh how lovely! I always say I will never use a video camera but when I see things like this I start to think differently. You little ones are so cute. I love when she is spinning around on her bike and then suddenly says “hello”. My hubby would never permit me to film him!

  2. Grandma Kathy

    Love the video . Excellent job videographer. ;-}

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