A Year with Sam: M is for Muzzy

When Sam was born I wasn’t sure what type of soother her would need. Ella was desperately attached to her dummy. Until a few weeks before Sam was born mind you…and she was nearly 3 1/2 then! I was not looking forward to a similar attachment but I had purchased dummies just in case. We tried them with Sam for a while and in the very early days, he didn’t seem to mind them however they were fairly quickly spat out once they served their purpose.

I began to realise that I was struggling more to keep the dummy in which seemed pretty pointless, thus, we abandoned the dummy and carried on with just crying. I tried introducing soft toys and blankets but by far, Sam’s soother of choice has turned out to be the most basic one…a muzzy! (for non UK residents, I’m talking about a cloth burp rag). The muzzy serves as comfort, entertainment and a teething implement for Sam. He now favours carrying it around in his mouth and when we’re in the car, I often find him asleep with his muzzy still clenched in his teeth. Bless!

I’m quite grateful for an easy soothing option for Sam and thankfully he doesn’t care which muzzy he gets. This makes substitution a piece of cake. I’ll be very interested to see what role Sam’s muzzy continues to play for him as he gets older. For now, it’s still pretty cute!

A year with Sam has taught me that M is for Muzzy!


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