Managing your Twitter account with TweetDeck

Sep 17th

Today, my good friend Marianne and I had a Hangout ON AIR on Google+. What? You missed it? No way! Well, let me tell you, if you’d like to manage your Twitter account in a more efficient way through TweetDeck, then this is the video for you!

I apologise but it is 25 minutes long so grab a cuppa (or glass of wine depending on when you’re watching this) and sit down to learn. You’ll also catch a glimpse of Sam as well which is even better!

Marianne and I will be running WEEKLY Google+ Hangouts starting next week on a variety of social media, blogging and parenting topics. More information will be coming your way soon so get ready for more Hangouts with Mari and Karin! In the meantime, learn more about TweetDeck today. And….ACTION!

If you have any questions about social media, Twitter, TweetDeck, Google+ Hangouts or OTHER, leave me a comment below! Thanks for tuning in…see you next week!

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