Four years ago tonight…

Four years ago today I was 12 days over-due with Ella. We didn’t know Ella was an Ella at the time but we most certainly knew we were fed up waiting for him or her. I had been booked in to be induced on 1 June, 2008 but due to a very busy labour and delivery ward, we were instructed to wait until after 9:00pm on the 1st to ring. That was a Sunday. We spent the day doing the usual things to try to get labour to kick off even though I was scared silly about the whole process. Looking back on it, I suppose I was already in the very early stages of labour but as every woman, pregnant for the first time will tell you, you have no clue when the big moment is coming.

I vividly remember watching the clock that evening, waiting for 9:00pm to roll around. At 8:59.48 (approximately!), I pulled out my maternity notes and rang the labour ward. Nervous butterflies flipped around in my compressed, heartburn-filled stomach as the line rang and rang. Someone eventually answered and we were told…”Ring us back in about 45 minutes…we’re really busy tonight!” To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

I rang back in 45 minutes and they told us to come in for 10:30pm so we grabbed the already packed hospital bag, my maternity notes and had one last look around the house as a party of two. Eek! We arrived at Peterborough District Hospital, bag in hand, hands clasped tight and were greeted by a midwife. I was put on an induction ward where 3 other women were in various stages of pain and agony. I knew I would not be sleeping much that night. Upon examination they determined that I was already contracting slightly so they wouldn’t do the pessaries to induce. Instead they monitored me and told me to get some rest. Mark was sent home, I cried a bit and spent the next 5-7 hours tossing and turning. Thankfully I was placed by the window so I was able to determine that in June birdsong and the lightening sky begin around 3:15am!

The doctor came in to examine me around 8:30am on 2 June and decided to break my waters to move things along which definitely did move things along as contractions began not long after that. But 2 June would become a very long day indeed and in fact, we wouldn’t find out that Ella was an Ella until 1:50am on 3 June. But look what we ended up with after all of that fuss, waiting and stress…most definitely worth it!

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  • 03/06/2012 at 5:43 pm

    And what a love she is! Happy Birthday my granddaughter…..LOTS OF LOVE

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