A bit of sparkle

Apr 21st

There’s a teeny bit of sparkle in little old me! Two weeks ago I talked about finding my laugh. Last week I felt brighter and happy and able to cope. This week I began to have an interest in loads of things including branching out into more freelance work. The ideas are bubbling and simmering which is making me excited again. All thanks to one simple difference…a little white pill.

I didn’t think that being on anti-depressants was a weakness or a last resort. I saw it as a necessary step to mellowing myself. Feeling the anti-depressants working shows me that there was a chemical reason for my post-natal depression. The anti-depressants are allowing me to cope, to function, to dream and to manage without crawling into a hole and feeling sorry for myself.

I’m enjoying being a Mum again. I’m playing with my children and feeling refreshed and renewed as opposed to exhausted and emotional. We’re tackling projects, recipes and tidying and looking forward to fun things coming up. The idea of producing tasty gluten-free baked goods in my very own kitchen is spurring me forward thanks to communication with Karen Morgan of The Blackbird Bakery. I’m excited about the possibilities.

Amazingly I’ve been offered another opportunity to do some freelance review writing for Made for Mums (where I began my reviewing “career”) and the creative thoughts and projects for BritMums are floating around my happier brain again. It’s encouraging! I’m still frightened and still have no clue how to get what I want but I see the light streaming through the window now and am stepping out of the shadows.

I’ve got a bit of sparkle back in my life; a spring in my step; a smile on my face…this is most definitely a very good thing!

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