22 thoughts on “Saturday is Caption Day

  1. Waiting for Prince Charming to bust me out of this castle is tiring work!

  2. There’s just nowhere to hide.

  3. Little Ella could be found hiding somewhere between T and X

  4. Little Miss then discovered a bottle labelled “DRINK ME!”

  5. When I grow up I am going to build my house just like that. It’s beautiful.

  6. Well…I did want a double garage but ok, it’ll do.

  7. The little people ran to hide as the giant lay down in the middle of their village. Little did they know, she only wanted to play….. it wasn’t dinner time for at least another 20 minutes.

  8. I wish I could fit in my dolls house so that I could play with them

  9. Jenny paulin

    Soon there will be a baby in the house so i have made myself a place to hide!!

  10. Peek-a-boo, I see you.

  11. I think this is a good hiding place

  12. “Alice warned me to stay away from cake marked ‘EAT ME’.”

  13. But mummy why do i have to sleep in a duplo house?

  14. Building houses is tiring work – I must sit and have a rest on my bah-dum !

  15. I come in peace little duplo people- look I am very angelic.

  16. This car wash is just taking forever,I’m not giving them a tip :)

  17. That’s what happens if you drink out of a bottle labelled “drink me”

  18. If I was really small I could fit through there…

  19. The Cafe Bebe branch of the Occupy protests was a small but effective occupation of a Duplo town.

  20. i can still see you, no matter what has been built!

  21. see that little bunny sleeping till it’s nearly noon…shall we wake him with a merry tune?

  22. mammy I know you said we were downsizing but this is silly

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