A Tale of Two Pregnancies

Sep 29th

This is my hugeness two weeks ago. I’m even more huge two weeks later. I fear I may not be able to get out of the house in a few more weeks! Will the fire brigade have to come and cut a section of wall out to allow me to take Ella to school? Let’s hope not!

At 30 weeks, I’ve started to think about the differences between this pregnancy and Ella’s pregnancy. A tale of two pregnancies if you will! The biggest challenge for me, at the moment, is that I feel HUGE and, in fact, AM HUGE! Being 5’3″ tall, not being in the optimum shape/weight when I fell pregnant and having majorly distended abdominals anyway leaves me with a MAHOOSIVE bump which is now causing me a fair bit of constant ache and discomfort.

However, thanks to this discomfort, I have discovered that the kidney infection that I returned from holiday with was actually NOT cured by the anti-biotics and I now need another course of anti-biotics and have to go in tomorrow morning for a fasting blood glucose test to determine if I am veering into Gestational Diabetes territory.

Isn’t it amazing, however, how in hindsight, you would do so many things differently? Had I known I was going to fall pregnant in March I might have been a lot more dilligent about losing those last 10 pounds from Ella’s pregnancy. I would have been rebuilding my abdominal muscles from the GET GO instead of still having a 3-finger separation/Diastasis Recti. I would have kept up my walks after dropping Ella at preschool to actually have a level of fitness instead of now getting breathless on the 5 minute school run.

I have been more sensible about my eating for this pregnancy, however. That is, more than likely, down to my Coeliac Disease diagnosis however. I can’t grab the nearest pastry and/or baked good and shove it in my mouth unless I go to the trouble of baking it myself as a gluten-free snack. And even though I do have a gigantor bump, it’s MOSTLY bump and not all over my entire self. What I have done differently this time around is not be SO cautious about everything. The 1st time around I was trying to follow all of the “rules” and do the best thing possible for the baby. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eating raw eggs while licking pate off of unpasteurised cheese or anything! I am, however, having a cuppa or two a day, I have had Coke throughout the pregnancy and I do happen to lick the spoon when I do get around to gluten-free baking. I’m being sensible just not depriving. Bebe seems to like it as well.

Bebe has been exceptionally active compared to Ella. Ella was all gentle pops and prods. Bebe is all about Stomp & Riverdancing. It’s a bit unsettling at times, to be honest. Maybe he/she is practicing free running/Parcours? My womb is apparently very entertaining! We don’t know what we’re having so we continue to say he/she but Ella is convinced that it’s a girl. Here’s hoping she won’t be too disappointed when we find out.

Antenatal care has been a bit substandard but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in 2nd and subsequent pregnancies on the NHS. I’ve only seen my midwife 3 times in 30 weeks but as she won’t be the midwife that we’ll get in hospital anyway, there’s no real bother that I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me. The third trimester of this pregnancy has been riddled with illness, however. We returned from our holiday in Tenerife with me having developed a kidney infection that ended up not being treated entirely by the anti-biotics prescribed. I am now on another course after having suffered a fair bit of pain the last two weeks which I attributed to being 28-30wks pregnant and huge but apparently is me continuing to be unwell.

Thanks to the discovery, at our 20 week scan, that I have a low-lying placenta, I will be having another scan in two weeks to see if the placenta has moved out of the way or is still low lying. If the placenta remains low-lying then I stand a much better chance of getting the elective c-section BEFORE the actual due date of Bebe which would suit me just fine. I have no clue what the hospital is like (it’s new this year), what the consultant is like (met her once) or how everything will work but am hoping that I will get some of that information along the way before D-Day.

Our only real obstacle at this point (with 8 weeks to go) is that none of the room changes/makeovers that we’ve planned to do have yet to commence. Hubby is strangely laid back about it all while I’m left tapping my foot. If we could manage to fly my Dad over here for a week or two I know we’d get it all sorted. I wonder if Richard Branson wouldn’t mind doing that?

So that’s the Tale of Two Pregnancies to date. Pregnancy with Ella was all about learning, reading, scaring myself silly, preparing and buying. Pregnancy with Bebe has been more about getting on, living our family life, enjoying and scaring myself silly. Some things never change! How did you feel differently in your 2nd (and beyond) pregnancy? Did you do things differently? Worry less? Worry more? Have less to prepare? I’d love to know how you approached it!

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