Remembering an old friend

Aug 31st

In December of last year, we had to say a very tearful goodbye to a dear friend. My black lab Sinjin had been in my life for 14 years. I was there the day he was born (5 September, 1996) and there the day he died (6 December, 2010).

Sinjin was my constant companion for so many years. When I travelled to France in 2005 and subsequently stayed in England afterward, Sinjin waited in American with my Mom. He went through the stress and strain of “emigrating” to the UK in May of 2006 to take up residence with Mark and I AND 2 cats! Sinjin never made an aggressive move toward them despite their snooty, nasty attitude towards him.

But that was Sinjin through and through. He was loyal, gentle, slightly paranoid and thoroughly dedicated to us. He would chase a ball until he could no longer run; he would swim and swim for hours no matter how cold the water; he would run and run in his dreams, driving me to distraction and he would wait, not terribly patiently for us to return home to him. He was the best friend you could ask for and we miss him terribly.

Ella adored him as much as he adored her. When we had to have him put to sleep in December, we told Ella that Sinji had been very poorly and had to stay at the hospital. He was too poorly to come home with us, we said. We weren’t ready to talk about death and dying yet. Ella still asks about Sinjin and he’ll never be far from our thoughts. Sinjin is buried in my inlaw’s garden. I still go to say hello and tell him what we’re up to. I hope he’s running and swimming in Heaven…I’d like to think so.

Now, go visit Tara Cain’s Gallery where this week’s theme is: Animals!

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