How to anger a pregnant woman

Jun 14th

I don’t want to totally slate the NHS as it does an immense amount of good in the UK. I have been provided for and seen to and diagnosed with various illnesses, etc. I am grateful for that care as it is FREE. I am thankful to have prescriptions are low cost (free at the moment as I am pregnant) and for my child(ren) to have free prescriptions as well. That’s as it should be ANYWHERE. I am blessed to live in an area where there is not a massive amount of people clamboring to be seen at the surgery on a daily basis. If I need medical care I am generally fortunate enough to be seen as soon as the next day or often within the week. For all of this, I know I am lucky and fortunate.

However, recently the NHS has started to royally piss me off. Well, maybe I shouldn’t lump the whole of the NHS into this rant? Actually, it’s just my little corner of the Shire that’s really let me down. Perhaps you’d like to know how to anger a pregnant woman? Well, let me tell you, with my very own, slightly elevated voice…

**I am in the process of logging a formal complaint with my local surgery and area community midwife organisation. If you have any constructive suggestions and/or solutions or would like to sponsor me to have private antenatal care and hospital delivery, feel free to get in touch. **

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