Is there sex after children?

May 24th

Well, if you have more than one child, obviously there is sex after children. But how many of us can put our hands up when asked if our romantic relationships with our spouses have changed after having children. Yes, I think we all have our hands up there!

This photo was taken in the Summer of 2007, before Little Miss was even out of the ovary! Hubby and I staged this photo…of course, but this sort of thing used to happen a LOT more often prior to the arrival of Little Miss.

Our lives are richer and happier for her (and for our latest brewing creation) but we certainly were different individuals in the days before baby. I bring you my BritMums video blog about whether there is Sex After Kids…you tell me! I’d love to hear your secrets for keeping the home fires burning. Let’s keep it clean though, people. This is a family blog after all!

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