Countdown to Christmas-Day 4

I’m sharing a recipe with you today because I’m nice like that. This recipe is for an utterly scrummy holiday snack. You put it in a bowl on the table and within minutes it’s gone. I highly recommend making double batches. It’s not good for you but I do believe that you will love it enough to add it to your holiday recipe rota. Want to know what it’s called?

Puppy Chow. Yes, God only knows why it’s called that other than it vaguely looks like dog food biscuits. That shouldn’t put you off, however. Trust me…it’s goooood!

I believe that I was first introduced to this recipe by my Aunt Kristi. When I needed the recipe the other day, she came through for me on Facebook. Unfortunately, I had to consult conversion charts to make this a UK friendly recipe (damn your metrics).

Puppy Chow Ingredients-

  • 6 cups of Shreddies cereal (use a medium coffee cup or actual cup measure)
  • 120 ml (1/2 cup) of peanut butter
  • 120 ml (1/2 cup) of butter
  • 350 g chocolate chips
  • 480 ml (2 cups) icing sugar

Puppy Chow Method-

  • Melt peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips in a large bowl over boiling water. Make sure the water does not touch the bowl and stir continuously in order to take off the heat as soon as all ingredients are melted/combined.
  • Stir in Shreddies cereal and gently mix (taking care not to pulverise the cereal). Ensure all Shreddies are totally coated in mixture.
  • Take a large, plastic bag (a clean carrier bag or freezer storage bag will do) and pour coated Shreddies mixture in. Gently add icing sugar to the bag, seal the bag as best as you can and shake, shake, shake signora. You should end up with your chocolatey cereal mixture coated in icing sugar.
  • Pour into bowls. Add a wee sift of icing sugar on the top of the bowl for extra festiveness. It’s up to you whether you serve this in a doggie bowl or pretty, festive bowl.
  • Provide wipes for all guests as their fingers will be coated in the chocolatey goodness quite rapidly.

So there we have it! A new Christmas recipe the whole family will adore. Try it this weekend! Falalalala lalalala!

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