Countdown to Christmas-Day 3

Dec 3rd
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It’s Day 3 of my Countdown to Christmas. I’m incorporating the lovely idea conceived by Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Dear So and So, into today’s post. I shall put a holiday slant on it however.

Dear Hubby,

I love you like no other. You know this. I also am quite fond of the idea of the BRAND NEW DISHWASHER sitting under our kitchen table being installed before Christmas. Please make my dreams come true.

Love, The Love of Your Life

Dear Santa,

We don’t have much money this year. Could you possibly manage to give gifts to all of my extended family in our name? It would be really kind.

Cheers and Falalalala, Karin

Dear England,

Sort out your snow removal problems. I know the state of Wisconsin in the US would be happy to come over and give you a crash course in how to use a snow plow so the country can function properly. I can give you their number if you like.

Pissed Off with Icy Roads, Mrs. Joyce

Dear Russia,

You may have lots of pretty snow and know how to make vodka which we really do appreciate but you really don’t deserve to host the 2018 World Cup! You’ve crushed the hearts of many an Englishman and Englishwoman. I think you suck. You’d better put on a damn good show that sees England raising the World Cup in Victory again or we may have to think about invading you.

Not-English-But-Showing-Love-For-My-Adopted-Homeland, Moi

Dear Little Miss,

I was rather disappointed with your new trick of growling and smacking Mummy the other day. I shall have to tell Father Christmas if this keeps up. He might not be able to bring your presents after all.

Just saying, Mummy

Feel free to add a link to your own Countdown to Christmas! Only 22 days to go! Happy Holidays!

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