Countdown to Christmas-Day 2

If you’ll recall I set myself a slightly insane challenge yesterday. Writing 1 post a day for the month of December, leading up to Christmas. I am probably nuts but there you go. I did not say I was going to write gargantuan novels but simply a post a day…that makes the task slightly less daunting.

Today’s preparation for Christmas will involve Christmas cards! Last year we didn’t send ANY out! I was a bad festive person. I fear that not sending cards out last year will have a knock-on effect for the next several years as we’ve probably been struck off many a Christmas card list but there you go.

This year, as times are harder and money is tighter, I have made our own Christmas cards using white printer paper and a feature on our HP Printer online programme. I plan on having Little Miss do a bit of decoration with the envelopes and Bob’s your uncle…we’ll be sorted! Want to see what we’re sending out this year?

When we went on our holiday to Wales and Celtic Haven, we took this picture on Lydstep Beach and I knew that it HAD to be our Christmas card picture. Looks rather nice, eh? Now if I can just get them all done today…what are the chances??

I am going to leave you with my a Christmas card haiku as well…just for fun:

Must do Christmas cards.

Or a miscreant I’ll be.

Am I on your list?

Feel free to add your linky below to your own Countdown to Christmas post…the more the merrier and all that festive talk!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas-Day 2

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  • 02/12/2010 at 5:21 pm

    That’s a wonderful card and will bring so much happiness. I just slipped in a photo of the family to all the cards this year – which we hurriedly took on a self timer one morning before school! I thought it was about time we got one with Alice in the mix :)

    Good luck with getting your cards out!

    Sarah x

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