Countdown to Christmas- Day 1

As I was sitting at my artic inspired workspace this afternoon, I got to thinking about blogging and Christmas. As you do. I had a bit of a blogging wobble (as I do every three months or so) yesterday. I need a bit of inspiration to keep me cracking on in this final push to the end of the year. So I got to thinking…zzzzzz. Oh, oops…sorry, drifted off.

Right, so I got to thinking. It’s Advent. The time of year when we prepare for a) the celebration of the birth of Christ and/or b) the arrival of a certain portly, bearded man on a sleigh who brings pressies to all the good girls and boys. From December 1st to December 25th it’s a countdown. A Countdown to Christmas!

I’m going to challenge myself to publish a post a day in the run up to Christmas. That’s right…a POST A DAY! Now, I didn’t say “A 1000 word essay on the meaning of Christmas” did I? No, a POST…a DAY. I’m thinking a post a day about MY preparation for Christmas. It can be in picture form (Gallery, Silent Sunday) or written form. It could be a recipe or a present suggestion. It could be a wish list for myself, Little Miss or my hubby (our very own Letter to Santa). It could be a 1000 word essay on the meaning of Christmas but that’s highly unlikely if I’m writing 24 posts in the next 24 days.

Are you up for the challenge? Would you like to share how you and your family prepare for Christmas? If you choose, you’re welcome to add a linky at the bottom of this post to share your own Countdown to Christmas. If you miss a day, no worries. I’ll try to compensate for that. You’re welcome to use the badge on the top of this post on your own posts/sidebars. I’ll provide code below if you’d like to include the badge in a technical way (the mind boggles). Check out my right sidebar for the image and code but don’t come back to me with technical questions. Good luck!

Here’s my first post for Cafe Bebe’s Countdown to Christmas- Day 1 (I know…did I need to include another feature to this post? What can I say, I’m an over-achiever in everything I do!)

This is Little Miss’ first Advent Calendar. I know. She’s 2 1/2! We are bad parents. Well, last year she didn’t really understand the whole concept anyway and the year before she wasn’t even eating chocolate. So this year we decided it was time to push the boat out and do what everyone else was doing and have an Advent Calendar. I explained the concept this morning. She didn’t care. She just wanted the chocoate which was devoured in about 3 seconds flat. But one door is open on Peppa Pig’s calendar. 24 more to go.

This is how we have started our Countdown to Christmas! How about you??

12 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas- Day 1

  1. we have that calendar too! you’ve got to love peppa :)

  2. Such a good idea! And great choice of calendar – we are HUGE Peppa fans too! :-)

  3. You’re not putting yourself under any pressure then?!! x

  4. Bring it on! Day one of the challenge complete :-) lol

  5. Enjoy the countdown! We got the calenders out this morning too. I bought a lovely one with 25 little books to hang on the tree and you get a little part of the Christmas story each day. The deal is the kids have to listen to me before they get to open their chocolate one! lol

    Mich x

  6. We’ve got our countdown going on down here in NZ too – I’ve even stuffed Advent drawers with ‘activities’ for every day (I am officially nuts!). Have fun & I’ll link back with some posts too x

  7. This is the first year Bigger has had a chocolate advent calendar – she was supposed to have her one with little drawers but I haven’t got around to filling it

    Fortunately Granny has bought her a Peppa one just like yours!

  8. Muddling Along- Yay for Granny! 😀

  9. I know it is the 9th but I have only just seen your brilliant challenge! Can I join in please? I promise to do my best for the rest of advent :)

  10. Anna…Please do join…no matter how often, any posts are always welcome. Just link up! 😀

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