Buggy Fitness for Cafe Bebe

Oct 4th

Four weeks ago I began a new fitness regime. It’s called Buggy Fitness for Cafe Bebe! I attend a Buggy Fitness class once a week and get my ARSE kicked while Little Miss looks on and cheers. It’s rather fun and reminds me every time that I always feel so much better when I exercise. Then Wednesday rolls around and I forget. I find excuses to NOT exercise. Here are some of them:

  • It’s raining.
  • It’s too cold.
  • I’m sore from Tuesday’s workout.
  • I have to send some emails.
  • Little Miss has to have a nap.
  • My neurotic, separation-anxiety-ridden, 14 year old dog is neurotic, full of separation anxiety and is 14 years old.
  • It’s raining.

Taking part in a Buggy Fitness class is brilliant. The personal trainer tells us what to do. I do it. The problem is that when I’m on my own, I don’t listen very well to MYSELF! I enjoy going out and about with Little Miss but (curse it) she’s getting old enough to NOT want to be in the pushchair as much (I’m crying inside about this). I’ve even considered running a Buggy Fitness class myself as I do have a Fitness Degree from the US of A, don’t you know?! Unfortunately without UK qualifications, I don’t think I’d get very far.

I desperately want to change my physical form. However, I am seriously lacking in ACTION. I suppose I have the motivation but I lack the action to make it happen. I had an interesting chat with hubby last night about this very thing. He wants to help me. He doesn’t like me getting upset or being irrational and throwing out 3/4 of my wardrobe because I don’t fit into it anymore. As with most men, he’s a problem solving kind of husband. If he can’t solve it, he gets cross. I don’t like it when he’s cross with me. I don’t like it when anyone is cross with me. I have OPD- Obsessive Pleasing Disorder…I’m about to commit myself, to be honest!

My ideal form of fitness is attending fitness classes at a gym. I adore Body Pump. I transformed myself about 10 years ago thanks to Body Pump. It’s the perfect combination of weight training exercises to kick butt/toe tapping/current and classic tunes for 60 minutes. It’s a great total body workout (minus the cardio tho). When I was in the year 2000, I attended Body Pump 3-4 times a week, attended a Boot Camp class once a week and Pilates once a week in addition to my job of teaching gymnastics to adorable (and not so adorable) preschoolers. The fitness centre was free as I was an employee and was in the same building. I had no excuse. I’m good at excuses (see above). I lost about 15 lbs and looked very good (if I do say so myself). This was at least 2 stone ago. (sob…weep)

So, here we are in 2010. I am a mostly happy mum to a gorgeous 2 year old and devoted wife to my weary hubby. We don’t have EXTRA money to shell out for a health club membership even though two MAJOR franchise health clubs are only about a 10 minute drive from our house. Bannatyne’s Health Club is the closest and has quite a few sessions of Body Pump on offer in addition to a slew of other great fitness classes and equipment. It’s also about £40 per month. We’d have to nearly stop eating to afford that. Well, maybe if I stopped eating?

Fitness First is a bit further down the road to me but also has Body Pump classes on offer as well as Pilates, Yoga, Spin and other fun offerings. My goal was to see if either club wanted to exchange a membership for an online diary, blog posts and advertising. I’m not sure that will happen even though I’m a delightful blogger and worthy recipient. I feel like if I had a fitness club to go to, had classes to attend (versus just going and “working out”) and had to account for my progress I would follow through and do what is necessary for me to succeed. I also have Wii with 2 fitness programmes which I really SHOULD just plug in, turn on and get down to it.

I would love some encouragement or clue as to why I sabbotage myself. Please feel free to share your tips, tricks and advice as I clearly need it. Just please don’t yell at me…I hate it when people yell. I’m a bit like a hedgehog in that respect. Watch me curl up into a little ball! In the meantime, until Duncan Bannatyne rings me up, I’ll keep attending Buggy Fitness and subjecting Little Miss to mummy’s huffing and puffing.

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