Just Vlog It Relaunch

Jul 2nd

Just Vlog It Cafe BebeJust Vlog It is baaaaacccckkkkkkk!  I would like to apologise for the absence of Just Vlog It this last month.  I’ve been busy paddling like mad and trying to breathe but as I am so darn “innovative”, I can’t let Just Vlog It die.  I am going to give it a go in a different way this month, however.  Bear with me…

The blogging world has knocked me for six a bit in the last month.  I’m as competitive as the next blogger and it’s hard for me to consciously pull myself back.  What I would like for “Just Vlog It”, though, is for it to become a CELEBRATION of vlogging and creativity.  It’s been brilliant to have a “competition” and a “queen/king” at the end after public voting but I would like to make a change.  And as it’s my challenge…I’m allowed!

Here’s how it will work from now on:

  • I will give you SEVERAL prompts for the challenge.
  • You will have 2 weekends in which to record, upload and publish your vlog post.
  • Come back to Cafe Bebe on the date below and add your post link to the MckLinky widget for a Just Vlog It Carnival
  • I’ll have several polls following the Carnival to gauge opinion and will award “special” mentions for all vlog entries.
  • There will NOT be a winner and, as of right now, there will NOT be prizes.  I know this may disappoint some as we all like a bit of a reward but, as I said above, I want to CELEBRATE everyone’s vlogs and their creativity.

Your prompts for July:

Proper attire for a paddle

SUMMER!: Show us how you are enjoying your summer.  How do you battle the heat?  What are your favourite summer foods?  Do you have a great recipe you’d like to share with us?  What’s a great craft to do with your kids to celebrate the end of school & summer holidays?  How can you turn your back garden into a summer wonderland?

Blogging FUN

BLOGGING:  Why do you blog? What are the best things about blogging? What are your top tips to conquer the blogging world?  Can you teach us something new to do on our blogs?  Share your most popular post!  If you’re an anonymous blogger, disguise yourself and talk to us about why!  What would you recommend to new bloggers?  Celebrate the world of parent blogging in a vlog post (maybe Cybermummy is a good place to start??).

There are TWO prompts for the July Just Vlog It:  Summer and Blogging!  Do what you will!  You have from today (2 July) until Tuesday 13 July.  On Tuesday 13 July I will put up my own vlog post and MckLinky widget for you to add your own vlog post link.  We’ll celebrate vlogging together until Friday 16 July where I’ll give “special mention” awards to all those who participate.

I hope that this new format is agreeable to everyone and perhaps encourages a few new entries despite the lack of a prize incentive.  Please remember that you do not have to have a state-of-the-art vlog.  You can record it on ANYTHING and it does not need to be edited to within an inch of it’s life.  If you’re capable of editing and want to “bling” it up…go for it!  All I ask is that you do your level best to keep the vlog posts under 5 minutes so that viewers don’t want to bash their heads in while watching your 15 minute Oscar-nominated documentary.  Simples.

Good luck and remember…KISS!  (Keep It Simple Sister/Stupid)  See you back here on 13 July for the Just Vlog It Carnival celebrating Summer and Blogging!  Ready…steady….just vlog it!

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