Blog Business: Do they understand?

May 14th

Is blogging taking over in your relationship? Do you find yourself addicted to your laptop? Do you get twitchy if the computer is not on? Do you wonder if everyone will forget you if you don’t blog for a weekend?  Well, I can answer yes to 3 of the 4 and I think my other half might answer yes to all four!

It’s a tricky business this blogging, I think.  When you’re just blogging as a “personal diary” and you don’t really care who reads your work or what comes from it, blogging is just a lark.  It remains a creative outlet and serves as a hobby.  But when you’re wanting more out of your blogging, like I am, it is different I think.  I’m trying to make a tiny career and income out of some freelance writing and have also found myself in a nice position of being invited to various functions and events.  It’s work and fun all rolled together into one.

I’ve also made some amazing friends through blogging.  Some are my “tweeps” with whom I share daily trials, tribulations and triumphs.  Some of those “tweeps” have become bonafide friends who I have met in real life and have tons in common with.  Some of the contacts I have made through blogging have brought me some professional opportunities and success as well.  I feel like I’m finally finding my footing by building my own network of friends here in the UK.  I’ve been here 5 years now and FINALLY I feel like I’m not just my husband’s wife…I’m my own person with my own passions, hobbies and friends.  It’s a nice feeling.  And that’s not to put down my husband at all…it’s just nice when you’ve made your own friends and your own “place” without just being someone’s spouse or other half.

However, I know that I let the writing, blogging and networking take over sometimes.  Some of it is down to the lack of equipment which many of you know about.  Not being able to get enough done during the day then requires me to get things done at night on hubby’s laptop.  We’ve also been getting Little Miss down to sleep later and later as of late.  Hubby hasn’t been getting home until around 7pm and then we are having dinner as a family and a bit of playtime for Daddy (as he’s only seen her for about 30 minutes in the day).  Finally bath time, story time and bottle means that often times it’s 9:30 or 10:00pm before hubby and I have time to ourselves.  We’re both knackered then and often fall asleep on opposite pieces of furniture in the lounge!  Or I’m wrapping up some blogging/writing things while he watches recorded motorsport.

Weekends tend to be our best time together as I dramatically reduce my computer time then.  We have full days as a family and my time on the computer is only fleeting.  I am thinking that what I need to do is once hubby comes home at night, shut off the bloomin’ computer.  But there are the odd times where I truly NEED to do a few things later at night.  Also, hubby doesn’t really have a hobby of his own to occupy him when I am working.  This makes the fact that I’m doing something and he’s not more divisive.  I think I need to take advantage of some of my writing streaks and save some posts and schedule them for publishing on the weekends and make use of programmes that Tweet for me when I’m not online to maintain the presence that is needed to keep one’s blog “up where it belongs”.

How do you divide your blogging time and your family time?  Does your other half understand what you do and why?  Is he supportive?  Does he have his own “thing” to do to occupy his time which allows you some of your own time?  Do you have arguments about your writing and how much time it takes?  I’m looking for sage bits of wisdom here…I’m looking for ideas.  Please share with me…

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