Reebok Easy Tone to the rescue

Mar 27th
Reebok Easy Tone Trainers

Ooh, look what I get!

Spring is sprung, the grass is grew!  Now is the time to get up off that couch, take off that bulky jumper and survey the damage that months of winter have done.  Or in my case, months of pregnancy, months of fish and chips, months of laziness and months of excuses.  Thanks to the grace of another blogger and some “woe is me” tweeting one day, I was invited to join select trialists and bloggers in the outreach campaign for the new Reebok Easy Tone trainer.  The Reebok Easy Tone trainer has been a smash hit in the US and now it’s reaching our shores.  The Reebok Easy Tone trainer has brilliant technology which activates the muscles in your legs and bum in an entirely different way to traditional trainer.  For those out of shape legs and bums, it’s Reebok Easy Tone…to the rescue!  I’ll have the experts explain it to you:

This footage was from the event we attended last Saturday in London at the Reebok Sports Club.  Despite the drizzly rain, everyone in attendance was pretty excited about our new Reebok Easy Tone trainers.  I have to say that the event was a right proper treat as well…they made every effort to make it outstanding for all the bloggers in attendance and I was really pleased to be involved.

Reebok Easy Tone bloggers

Reebok Easy Tone bloggers

As many of my readers know, I’m in the throes of my Mummy Tummy Begone challenge.  I’m running, walking and zzziiippping and am pleased to report that in 3 weeks of exercising and watching what I put in my mouth (NO FISH & CHIPS!) I have managed to lose 3 pounds and have a visibly smaller/different “mummy tummy”.  I had to cinch in the belt with my jeans yesterday!  This of course helps to keep my trainers on the ground and my hopes in the stars!  Any successful exerciser knows that CROSS TRAINING will really help your fitness level and weight loss so on the days that I’m not run/walking, I’ve been walking with Little Miss in the pushchair.  After receiving my Reebok Easy Tone trainers last weekend, I’ve been walking in those and my goodness…what a difference a funky trainer makes!  I’ve seen MBT trainers before and the technology behind the Reebok Easy Tone trainers is similar but this trainer does not LOOK like an MBT trainer.  It’s stylish and functional and you don’t need a DVD to learn how to wear them and use them!  But you do feel results after even a short walk.

It’s generally recommended that you acclimatise yourself to the trainers by doing progressively longer walks so as not to overly strain your legs.  We went for a short walk around Canary Wharf which was enough really…although I continued to wear my trainers after the event and maybe wore myself out a bit much.  My legs were a bit “quivery”!  The following day Hubby, Little Miss and I went into town for a bit of shopping and wandering and I wore my Reebok Easy Tone trainers again.  I was amazed at how, on a normal walk for me, my legs were far more fatigued than usual.  I was glad to be pushing the pushchair so I had something to rest on!  I’m not trying to scare you though…it was a good sort of fatigue.  The kind that makes you realise that you have muscles that you didn’t know about.  It is rather encouraging, actually!  By Tuesday (3 days after getting and using my Reebok Easy Tone trainers), I’d pretty well grown accustomed to them.  I did some really long walks around the next village on Tuesday and Friday and wasn’t in any pain but really felt like I had worked hard.  One of my blogging friends shouted the other day about PAIN being the reason she doesn’t work out.  It’s not THAT sort of pain though, is it?  In order to make a difference in your body, you’re going to be subjected to a certain amount of pain.  How much is up to you!

The best part about the Reebok Easy Tone trainers is that they are quite stylish and no one will really realise you’re working your legs and bum harder than the average trainer.  You can wear them throughout the day, out to the shops, walking the dog, on your workouts, pushing the pushchair…virtually anywhere and you’ll get extra benefit from your efforts.  Now, for the skeptics out there, yes, I have received the Reebok Easy Tone trainers and gear in exchange for being involved in the UK trial and outreach campaign BUT I would NEVER promote a product that I didn’t believe in.  I think, for mums in particular, this trainer is ideal.  We don’t have a lot of time to get to the gym or the money to hire a personal trainer.  But we do have children to run around after and pushchairs to push and dogs to walk and shops to shop and you can wear your Reebok Easy Tone trainers doing all of those things.  The price isn’t even too harsh!  The trainers range from £70-90 and are available from major stores like John Lewis and other internet sources.  And just in case you needed a bit more incentive, here’s one of the brilliant commercials which is appearing world wide.  We all can’t have her bum (genetics and perhaps airbrushing are to be credited I’m sure) but you can get yourself on the right path.

If you’re interested in a bit more motivation and interaction, check out the Reetalk Toning site to learn more, join forums, share your experiences and even WIN A PAIR OF REEBOK EASY TONE TRAINERS!  The site is a great place to visit to learn more about Reebok Easy Tone trainers and to see some of the brilliant bloggers who are involved as well.  I’d like to thank Reebok for creating this outstanding trainer and Wild Fire Company for their outreach campaign to all the bloggers.  Now, go find your own funky pair of Reebok Easy Tone trainers, get out there and walk (in moderation initially) and tell me all about it.  I’d love to hear your testimonials.

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